Blair Burton Interiors believes in the importance of guided collaboration with each client to achieve the space they’ve always envisioned. Thanks to our firm’s boutique approach, clients will enjoy an unparalleled design experience with one-on-one attention, from initial inquiry to final walk-through. Throughout the process, Blair and her team work to ensure that each decision contributes to the desired outcome: a soulful home with style and substance.



Let's get to know each other and the project!

We charge a one-time flat fee to prepare your customized Scope of Work. To do so, we spend time asking questions and listening to you. We help you crystalize your objectives, space by space and room by room. We then translate our discussion into a written summary and detailed financial estimate which we discuss at length with you. All in, we customarily spend 4-5 hours preparing your Scope of Work and educating you about how the Interior Design process works. Your Scope of Work is designed not merely as a proposal: it will also equip you to intelligently engage any other Interior Designer should our services not be a good fit.


Let's get to work!

Together we will begin to dig into the details. Aspects of this phase will include further interviews as well as site visits, in person or sometimes virtually, to measure and record existing conditions. These help us contextualize your stylistic goals and desired outcomes. We'll be sourcing more ideas, materials, and samples for your consideration. We may provide you with renderings or space plans as we flesh out various ideas that hold the most promise. We will also have fun! You might join Blair for a trade day in a bigger market or city. The culmination of this phase is a comprehensive proposal for you to modify or approve.


Let's plan it all out!

Bringing your many layered decisions to life requires coordination: lots of details and logistics. Activities that characterize this detailed phase of the design and decoration process include ordering your selections as well as scheduling various deliveries of goods and services at appropriate times and places, to and from the right people: all to bring your vision into reality as efficiently and effectively as possible. During the "plan and prep" phase we frequently revisit budgets as we receive the most accurate costs for all facets of your design. We reassess where we are and make adjustments where needed.


Let's make it happen!

During this exciting phase we all see the vision take shape in reality. Construction, if a part of your process, begins and continues under our careful supervision. When spaces are prepared and finishes applied, we then commence with actual furniture installation - the delivery and perfect placement of your new and beautiful things, making all ready for the finishing touches.


Let's finish with style!

It's time to add the closing touches, which can make all the difference. In the finalization stage, we style every detail, leaving no space unfinished, no moment untouched. We shift. We adjust. We polish. We accessorize. We also identify and resolve any deficiencies. Even the most excellent projects fall short of perfection. With our experience and your thorough "owner's eye," we identify every problem area, no matter how small, and fix it, fill it, or when necessary, redo it.




Characterized by her textural and layered aesthetic, Blair Burton and her team design spaces with the big picture in mind. Their work seeks to elevate everyday living with each Design Space directly inspired by the people who will make it  their home. With a style defined as expressive and soulful, Blair helps her clients achieve a transformative, soulful space that’s as unique as each client she serves.